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Residential Safety

Gym and Swim is committed to making your pool environment a safe one. All of our swimming pools are built within the guidelines of the APSP and all State and local codes set forth by our governments. Gym and Swim strives to think safety from the beginning of the process– by proper design and unobstructed views, to the end of construction– by making sure equipment is properly installed and correct.

Gym and Swim is also a supporter of Infant Swimming Resource. ISR provides your child with an extra measure of protection with aquatic survival instruction. ISR, a nationally recognized program, offers private highly specialized certified instruction for children from 6 months of age. Many of the employees at Gym and Swim have enrolled their own children in the program.

Here are a few guidelines for a safe pool:

  • First and foremost, make sure children never have access to the pool area unless they are properly supervised.
  • Gym and Swim can advise you in the proper type of pool alarms (e.g., door alarms and pool alarms).
  • Take precautions by restricting access to your pool when no one is around. (e.g. motion alarms, automatic covers).
  • Perimeter fencing must meet the minimum local building codes.
  • Proper lighting is an essential component in keeping your pool safe. Lighting inside the pool will illuminate beneath the surface of the pool and lighting around the pool will help to prevent falls. Make sure all lights work properly.
  • Proper design and non-obscured views are also essential to keeping your pool area safe.
  • Learn basic water safety training, including rescue methods.
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency. Keep a first-aid kit near the pool.
  • Invest in basic lifesaving equipment and keep it near the pool. This should include a ring buoy with rope attached and a rescue hook.
  • Inspect all fittings and grates on your swimming pool. Replace any that are damaged or call Gym and Swim immediately for a service appointment.
  • Diving must be prohibited in shallow water.
  • No swimming should be permitted when a solar blanket, auto or manual cover is in use on pool surface.

Below are samples of some of the products available. Please contact a representative at Gym and Swim to find out which one is right for you. These products can help in making your pool a safe haven but are in no means a substitute for proper supervision.

  • Pool motion alarms emit a piercing sound when someone falls into the pool, or when the pressure of the water changes or when movement in the water is sensed.
  • Motion sensor alarms have an infared beam that sound off when someone passes through the beam.
  • Gate alarms, similar to burglar alarms, sound an alert when someone enters the pool area. Make sure these are above the reach of the child.
  • Door and window alarms, similar to gate alarms, make a sound when the door or window is opened. Place these out of the reach of children.
  • Pool covers are designed primarily to keep debris out of the pool, but they can also be a safety device.
  • Self-closing and self-latching gates help insure no one forgets to close the gate.
  • Removable child safety fence can take the place of permanent barriers and can be used as a more portable barrier for children or pets.

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